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Complete luxury, lovingly crafted in Speyside

‘Knockando’ derives from Scottish Gaelic Cnoc Cheannachd, meaning “Hill of Commerce“.

Knockando Woolmill sits in the Spey Valley, on the same site it has occupied for over 230 years. Fresh, contemporary designs are woven alongside traditional tweeds and classic woollen blankets – all produced with the same attention to detail and skilled craftsmanship that has been at the heart of the Woolmill since the beginning.

Exquisite craftsmanship, beautiful design and luxurious quality are the hallmarks of one of Scotland’s most cherished working mills, Knockando Woolmill in Speyside. 

The Mill is globally renowned for its highly coveted collections of exquisite and vibrantly coloured cloud-soft scarves, throws and fashion accessories are timeless investments. 

Lovingly crafted, each and every one of these woven pieces are infused with over two generations of craftsmanship and inspired by the beauty and colours of the spectacular Spey Valley in the Scottish Highlands.  

Surrounded by rich farmland, with the waters of Knockando Burn babbling gently by its side and in the heart of Scotch whisky country; it may seem that little has changed since 1784 when its first weavers fed fine yarn spun from local fleeces through clattering handlooms.

Today, however, on vintage looms and with meticulous attention to detail, time-honoured skills blend with a distinctly modern vision to create modern yet timeless pieces that will stand the test of time. 

Back in the day, local farmers would trek to the community mill with their fleece to be hand spun and woven into warm, durable tweed in shades inspired by the craggy Cairngorm Mountains, Speyside’s warm whisky and ancient forests.

As time passed, the expert weavers of Knockando – derived from the Scottish Gaelic Cnoc Cheannach, meaning Hill of Commerce – passed their knowledge and skill from generation to generation. 

However, by 2000 the mill, its machinery and historic buildings were at risk of being lost forever. 

Local people refused to let it die. A remarkable restoration project led by Knockando Woolmill Trust has seen the Victorian machinery and Grade A-listed site painstakingly dismantled, repaired and reborn. 

Today, Knockando Woolmill, among the last mill of its kind, draws on its rich heritage to create unique hand-crafted products for the luxury market, specialising in premium-quality yarns and fabrics in neutral palettes and fabulous jewel-like colours with innovative designs imbued with the skills of yesterday.  

Exclusive, traceable – right down to individual flocks of sheep – and sustainable, each inch of cloth is entwined with centuries of skill, craftsmanship and Highland heritage. 

As a partner to Private Concierge Scotland, you’ll find Knockando’s beautiful throws in all of our luxury vehicles.  Private tours can also be arranged for our VIP clients. 

Knockando Woolmill, Knockando, Moray, Scotland