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At Private Concierge Scotland, we recognise that Executive Security should be an integral part of any Executives corporate and private life. In the individual’s corporate life, this may be ensuring that due to a high profile or public corporate image an Executive bespoke security measures and discrete services are provided to the individual to ensure their safety and security. In the individual’s private life, the Executive client will want to ensure that their residence, property and possessions are all appropriately protected with proportionate security measures and services.

In addition to this, and most importantly, the Executive client will want to ensure their family are protected at all times through a series of both physical and technological security measures, as well as practical security advice for family members. 

When booking your security services through your Private Concierge Scotland lifestyle manager, we allow our clients to take full advantage of the Praesidio Black Member Services.

Services Include

  • Travel Security Services – advice and considerations for travel to foreign destinations in the current global security climate, delivered in Travel Security presentations. Executive Protection/Security officers can also be assigned to accompany clients on overseas travel. 
  • GPS monitoring service – We provide 24hr global GPS monitoring service to provide clients with the reassurance their location is being monitored and safety maintained whilst travelling domestically or internationally. This facility allows our advisors to geo-fence clients into safe locations, communication through a secure messaging service and a panic/emergency incident facility. 
  • Executive Travel Security Services – the deployment of Executive Protection officers, if required, for travel. This also includes dedicated Executive Security drivers, typically Police trained advanced drivers who can provide the dual role of Protection officer and driver.
  • Residential Security Teams – Security officers who be deployed at home addresses or residences, where there is a requirement for additional security. 
  • Resilience in the Home – The recommendation of security measures to aid a client in dealing with an emergency situation in the home to provide the client with confidence and resilience in their home. 
  • Internet & Social Media Safety – advice for all members in the safe management of social media use and internet profiles/security. 
  • Vehicle Safety – driving safety and security, in addition to vehicle security. 
  • Medical Training – preparing families for resilience in medical emergencies. 
  • Executive Protection – Executive Protection Officers to provide additional security to individuals at key functions or events. 
  • Executive Protection Satellite Services – services provided as above, but where the recipient is unaware or does not want to see the security presence. 
  • Pre-arranged Executive Transport Services – provision of Executive Protection Officers to transport clients to destinations, or to and from events. 

 Praesidio’s operational team have worked together for over 25 years. The operational team have experience in working in all continents during both peace and conflict, in a variety of overt and covert security roles. 

The core team have in-depth experience of working in International Security and have undertaken the facilitation of the transportation of sensitive property and High Net Worth Individuals to most continents. They fully understand the legal implications and responsibilities associated with these types of movements. 

The core team have worked together on Close Protection operations and Executive Security roles worldwide in both High Threat environments and areas of conflict. They fully recognise the threats and risk of operating in these environments with very little logistical support and operating as part of a small team, reliant on the broad skill set of a limited number of specially trained individuals. 

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