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A fantastic way to see Scotland! Our pilot was
courteous and very knowledgeable.

If you are seeking aircraft charter services, we can help you find exactly what you are looking for. At Private Concierge Scotland we specialise in providing first class services tailored to yours and your clients’ needs – no hassles, no complications.

Through our partner companies we can ensure that your charter will be adapted to your requirements, and that all details are worked out to perfection. We can organise every aspect of the charter flight, so that you and your client don’t have to worry about having to arrange anything. We can provide you with private jets and helicopters, all of which are available to both tour and to travel first class.

We also ensure that each flight is comfortable, luxurious and stylish – perfect for anyone wanting to travel for business and entertainment. Aircraft charters are a reliable and convenient way to get to where you want to be, so we make sure to deliver the right choice for each client.

Experience the AW109 Grand New Helicopter

Private Jets

A private jet offers complete flexibility and control over the journey and routes, given that the client decides when, where and with whom they travel with. It also allows them to bypass check-in queues and connections, which can save on time and expenses.


By choosing a helicopter, the client has access to the unique versatility of this form of travel – each journey is flexible and able to be tailored to individual requirements, and allows the client to get much closer to their destination, which saves time and removes the need for airport transfers.

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The attention to detail that the Chris always applies is outstanding! I would thoroughly recommend him always!

Wonderful trip I had with Private Concierge. They did amazing job and everything was lovely. Enjoy the trip very much and hope I can go back and see them again.

Top quality service as always. Comfortable, professional & reliable.
Would highly recommend to anyone looking for that little bit more!

Absolutely amazing service. Very luxurious and professional, would highly recommend!

Chris and his team are true professionals, I would certainly recommend making contact with them if you are looking for luxury accommodation, whisky tours, chauffeur services etc.

Excellent customer service who meet your every requirement. Would highly recommend to anyone to organise and plan your trip to Scotland!

A great service, professional and accommodating with every request

Chris provides a superb level of service to all his clients. Well deserving of 5 stars.

Fantastic way to see Scotland! Our pilot was courteous and knowledgeable. We will definitely use this service again

We are at your

We continuously dedicate ourselves to providing the best possible experience to your customers through our discreet, professional and dependable concierge services, so you can count on us to deliver yours and your clients’ every request.

We specialise in personalised itineraries, whatever you wish to do we'll plan a unique journey based on your personal requests. Your Private Concierge Scotland® itinerary will be unlike any other.

Talk to us today about adding a private concierge to your life!